Mathematics Statistics and Computer Science Undergraduate Student Conference
Charlottetown, Prince Edward Island, Canada , October 13-14, 2023



Mathematics competition

This year's contest will be a "boolean bash" - each question will require a "true" or "false" response.
For example, "The decimal representation of 22023 has more than 600 digits." (TRUE!)
The contest will be a team competition, following a long tradition of Science Atlantic. Each team will consist of two individuals, normally but not necessarily from the same institution.

Please contact Shafiqul Islam — if you have any questions about the math competition.  


  1. 1st place: Anders Cornect and Daniel Gosse (Memorial)
  2. 2nd-3rd place: Griffin Bartlett (Cape Breton)
  3. 2nd-3rd place: Owen Winters and Timothy Power (Dalhousie)



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