Mathematics Statistics and Computer Science Undergraduate Student Conference
Charlottetown, Prince Edward Island, Canada , October 13-14, 2023



  1. In 2023, ACPC will be hosted on Kattis
  2. Teams will be allowed to use C, C++, Java, and Python 3.
  3. In general, the problems are designed so that there is only one correct answer for any given input.
  4. Sample input/output data (which will be shown to the competitors in the problem statement and made available to them as downloadable files) should be useful to the contestants in that at least one test case should be "typical" and at least one should suggest some situation(s) for which they should take special care.
  5. For coaches/faculty only
    To register a team in the competition, email the following information to .:
    1. Name of team
    2. Name of each student on team
    3. Email address of each student on team (this should be an email address associated with the student's Kattis account; if the student doesn't have a Kattis account, they should create one at
  6. For the programming environment we are using the image provided on the official ICPC website.
    Briefing will take place at 12:00 in MCDH 242
    The competition itself wil, take place in CASS bulding at 1st floor on MAC machines. The image used is the latest version of ICPC sofware (Ubuntu 22.0.4). Please note:
    1. The machines will already be running
    2. Rebooting the machine may require assitance; it will take away from your time
    3. Every person on each team can bring 25 printed pages
    4. Every team can print during the competition at most 30 pages.
    5. Food or drink are not permited in the lab
      If someone needs a drink of food they can do it outside the room on the hallway.


  1. 1st place: MTA Machine Epsilon (Mount Allison): Logan Pipes, Hayden Walker, Sawyer Stanley
  2. 2nd place: MUN Potato (Memorial University): Aref Sayareh, Mahdi Pourbaghi, Viral Galaiya
  3. 3rd place: X-abytes 1 (St. Francis Xavier): Noah Murrant, AJ Hinman
  4. Full standing and Problem set



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