Computer Science 262
January 2018

Title:   Comparative Programming Languages
Instructor:   Cezar Câmpeanu
Email:   ccampeanu < at > upei < dot > ca
Office:   CASS 408
Tel:   (902)566-0485
Textbook:   Concepts of Programming Languages 11th Edition
by Robert W. Sebesta
Addison Wesley, ISBN-13: 978 0-13-394316-0 (still not available)
or ISBN-10: 0-13-394302-X
ISBN-13: 978 0-13-394302-3
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General description:   This course examines the principal features of major types of programming languages, including procedural, logical, functional and object-oriented languages. Features include data program structures, types, support for abstraction, operating environments, parameter-passing mechanism, control structures, scope, and binding rules. Each language type is illustrated by considering a specific language. Natural areas of application for major high-level languages are studied.
Time and Location:   Monday Wednesday Friday 11:30-12:20, HSB 105
Office Hours:   Monday and Wednesday 12:30-2:20 or anytime by appointment (please send email)
Midterm Exam:   Friday, March 2, during class.
Final Exam:  
Health Science Building 105, Friday, April 13, 2018, at 9:00 am
Final MARKS:  
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ACADEMIC HONESTY:   This course is committed to the principle of academic integrity. Submitted work is expected to reflect an individual effort. Copying or cheating on assignments or tests will be dealt with harshly. Students should read Academic Regulation 20 in the UPEI Calendar at page 61 (
Avoiding Plagiarism:   The following link will help you identify and. avoid plagiarism
Individual Work Expectations:   You are expected to write your own code, your own proofs, your own examples, and so on. Unless explicitly specified in the assignment's text, the submitted work should be all yours.
Grading scheme:
Assignments Midterm Examination (February) Project (Report by March) Final Examination
30% 20% 15% 35%
Course Resources:
  1. Assignments
  2. Handouts
  3. Project
  4. Tentative Schedule
  5. Moodle login
  6. Assignment Policy
  7. Virtual Machine
Free Software Links:
  1. SWI-Prolog
  2. B-Prolog
  3. The GNU Project
  4. Cobol
  5. Algol
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