Fall 2023/Winter 2024

Assignment policy

Please keep, a copy of your submission, just to be on the safe side.

Advice: do not wait until the very last moment to submit your assignment, since the time on your computer may not be synchronized with the time on the UPEI moodle server.

After final mark is submitted, assignment marks may be updated only in very special cases. I give you enough time to review your assignments' marks and send comments, before the final mark is computed and submitted to the Registrar's Office.

Update for storm closures

1 Paper submissions can be transformed to scanned PDFs submitted on moodle as well.
2 My courses are in-person only, so attending classes is strongly recommended. It also means that you are encouraged to read, listen and view the material posted on moodle and ask questions, if any, at any time. You are also encouraged to contact your instructor by email should you have any specific questions/comments/concerns/issues.


Wrong marks isued by markers can overridden by your instructor who will have the ultimate say. This means that, at any time you may see some marks changed as a result of a faulty marking process. I give the solutions of all assignments in class, so expect changes to your mark if your solutions are not compatible with these solutions. Of course, wrong marking should never happen, but we must keep the integrity of the learning process.