Computer Science 3520
September 2021

Title:   Operating Systems
Instructor:   Cezar Câmpeanu
Email:   ccampeanu < at > upei < dot > ca
Office:   CASS 408
Tel:   (902)566-0485
Textbook:   Operating System Concepts
by Abraham Silberschatz, Peter B. Galvin, Greg Gagne 9th Edition
Paperback: ISBN : 978-1-118-12938-8
Hardcover: ISBN : 978-1-118-06333-0
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Course Objectives:  
  1. Learn about the role and the functions of operating systems
  2. Learn different approches to designing operating systems
  3. Distinguish between policies and implementations
  4. Learn how to manage processes, memory, and process communications
  5. Learn how to design and evaluate various file systems and storage solutions
  6. Learn how to avoid deadlocks and improve resource utilization
  7. Learn common privacy, security, and protection challenges applicable to modern operating systems.
  8. Learn to apply all the above concepts in practical applications
PREREQUISITE:   CS 2520, CS 2620, CS 2920 and CS 2820
    No prerequisite waiver for those who failed the above courses. Do not insist on circumventing SMCS rules.
General description:   This course introduces the student to the major concepts of modern operating systems. Topics covered include: process management, memory management, file systems, device management and security.
Time and Location:   Tuesday and Thursday 8:30 AM - 9:45 am, McDougall Hall, 243
Office Hours:   Friday 9:25-10:25 or anytime by appointment (please send email-)
Tuesday, November 16, 2021
Final Exam:  
Wednesday, December 15, 2021: 7:00 PM - 10:00 PM, Young Sports Ctr, 117
    This course is taking place on the traditional and unceded territory of the Lnu Epekwitk (Island Mi'kmaq), a district of Mi'kma'ki, the Mi'kmaq Nation.
Final MARKS:  
Everything Marked

Please check all your marks. They will be submitted to Registar's Office by noon tomorrow, December 21, 2021.
Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year!
ACADEMIC HONESTY:   This course is committed to the principle of academic integrity. Submitted work is expected to reflect an individual effort. Copying or cheating on assignments or tests will be dealt with harshly. Students should read Academic Regulation 20 in the UPEI Calendar at page 113 (
    The following link will help you to maintain academic integrity and avoid plagiarism
Individual Work Expectations:   You are expected to write your own code, your own proofs, your own examples, and so on. Unless explicitly specified in the assignment's text, the submitted work should be all yours.
    For some/all assignments/moodle resources and exams you may have to earn one or more academic integrity badges.
Grading scheme:
Assignments Midterm Examination Final Examination
40% 27% 33%
Course Resources:
  1. Assignment Policy
  2. Assignments
  3. Handouts
  4. Moodle Login
  5. Tentative Schedule
  6. Virtual Machine OS
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