Computer Science 262
January 2018

Tentative Schedule

Week of Material Covered Remarks
January 3 Introduction and Preliminaries
Chapter 1 - Preliminaries
Reasons, Evaluation, Classifications
Chapter 2 - Evolution of Major Programming Languages
Classifications, History.
January 8 Chapter 3 - Describing Syntax and Semantics
Compilers Grammars; Chomsky Hierarchy
Context-Free Grammars, BNF
Chapter 4 - Lexical and Syntax Analysis
Syntax diagrams, Recursive Descent Parsing
Attribute Grammars, Semantics
Introduction to C
January 16 Chapter 5 - Names, Bindings, Type Checking and Scopes
Names, Variables, Bindings
Type Checking, Scope of Bindings, Environments
January 22 Chapter 6 - Data Types
Specification and Implementation.
Primitive typesStrings.
Arrays, records, files, sets, and pointers
January 29 Chapter 16 - Logic Programming Languages
Predicate Calculus; Horn Clauses
Introduction to Prolog
Environment and SyntaxBacktracking
List and List Matching
February 5 Complete Prolog.
Chapter 15 - Functional Programming Languages
Overview; Lambda expressions
Introduction to Scheme
Scheme/LISP: language features

February 12

Midterm(Wednesday ? )
February 19 Islander Day and Mid-semester break. No classes

February 26 Chapter 7 - Expressions and Assignment
Arithmetic Expressions, Overloaded operators,
Relational and Boolean operators.
Chapter 8 - Statement-Level Control Structures
Compound, Selection and Iterative Statements
March 5

March 12 Student Presentations

March 19 Student Presentations
March 26 Student Presentations
April 4

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