Computer Science 262
January 2018

Lecture Notes

  1. Introduction and PRELIMINARIES 4/page 6/page 
  2. Language Evaluation 4/page 6/page 
  3. History of Programming Languages 4/page 6/page 
  4. Syntax and Semantics 4/page 6/page 
  5. Names, Bindings, Type Checking, and Scopes 4/page 6/page 
  6. Data Types 4/page 6/page 
  7. Logic Programming 4/page 6/page 
  8. Functional Programming   4/page 6/page 
  9. Expression, Assignments, and Control Structures 4/page 6/page 
  10. Subprograms 4/page 6/page 
  11. Object Oriented Programming 4/page 6/page 

  12. Operator Precedence and associativity rules 4/page 6/page 
  13. Basic C 4/page 6/page 
  14. C,C++,C# 4/page 6/page 
  15. Perl 4/page 6/page 
  16. COBOL 4/page 6/page 
  17. Pascal and php Examples  

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