Computer Science 361
Analysis and Design of Algorithms
September 2017

Lecture Notes

  1. Introduction and PRELIMINARIES 4/page 6/page 
  2. The Growth of Functions 4/page 6/page 
  3. Recurrences 4/page 6/page 
  4. Data Structures 4/page 6/page 
  5. Lists 4/page 6/page 
  6. Graphs 4/page 6/page 
  7. Trees 4/page 6/page 
  8. Priority Queues 4/page 6/page 
  9. Divide and Conquer Technique 4/page 6/page 
  10. Transform and Conquer Technique 4/page 6/page 
  11. Heaps and Heap Sort 4/page 6/page 
  12. Bubble Sort 4/page 6/page 
  13. Other Sorting Algorithms 4/page 6/page 
  14. ----(placeholder, no slides here)
  15. Decrease and Conquer Programming Technique 4/page 6/page 
  16. Topological Sort 4/page 6/page 
  17. Greedy Programming Technique 4/page 6/page 
  18. Fractional Knapsack 4/page 6/page 
  19. Huffman Encoding 4/page 6/page 
  20. Minimum Spanning Trees 4/page 6/page 
  21. Union of disjoint sets and finding the partition 4/page 6/page 
  22. Single Source Shortest Path 4/page 6/page 
  23. Dynamic Programming 4/page 6/page 
  24. Dynamic Programming -- Transitive closure and other Graph algorithms 4/page 6/page 
  25. Space and Time Tradeoff - Pattern Matching 4/page 6/page 
  26. Limitations of Algorithm Power 4/page 6/page 
  27. P and NP 4/page 6/page 
  28. Cheat Sheet PS PDF

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