CS262 Student Project

Total: 15%


  1. Preliminary Report, Thursday, October 16, 2008
  2. Class Presentations begin on Tuesday November 11, 2008
  3. Written Report on Tuesday, November 25, 2008


The project requires an analysis of a programming language by examining its design with respect to its dominant language features, its programming algorithms, and its natural application areas. The project provides an excellent opportunity to explore new programming environments and programming paradigms through object-oriented, functional, logic, or concurrent programming.

The project

You can choose any programming language, except: C, C++, FORTRAN, Java, Javascript, Prolog, php, Cobol, Pascal, Scheme, Common Lisp.

Preliminary Outline10%(Due Date: October 16, 2008)

Submit a 1 page proposal, outlining your project plan. In the opening paragraph, discuss your project objectives. Review two programming languages that appeal to you and briefly describe why each language is interesting for you.

In your final paragraph, state your language preference and what do you wish to learn by studying this language.

Written Report 65% (Due Date: November 25, 2008)

Submit a short report discussing the philosophy of the programming language that you have chosen (clarity and organization of the material are 15 marks).

You should cover these perspectives:

Oral Presentation and Summary Page(25%)

Presentation (second part of November)

A fifteen to twenty five minute classroom presentation highlighting the design features and the application development for your programming languages is required. (10 marks)

Prepare a one-page summary for distributions to classmates.(5 marks)

Important notes: If more than one student chooses the same language, then your oral presentations should be coordinated to avoid duplications. These presentations will be scheduled for the same day. Your written report and summary page are done individually. No more than two students will be permitted to choose a given language.

Cezar Câmpeanu