Computer Science 495
Semptember 2006

Title:   Advanced Topics in Computer Science:
Cryptography and Security
Instructor:   Cezar Câmpeanu
Email:   ccampeanu < at > upei < dot > ca
Office:   CASS 405
Tel:   (902)566-0485
Textbook:   Cryptography and Network Security, 4E: Principles and Practice, by William Stallings, Publisher: Prentice Hall Copyright: 2006 Format: Cloth; 592 pp
Textbook web site:
Course web site:   Go To:,
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General description:   The course will introduce students to cryptography and computer security. It discuss several methods for encryption and decryption, the mathematical foundation, the algorithms used in practice, the complexity of these algorithms, and the area of application. Practical applications like electronic commerce, compter and network security will also be presented; this will include certificates, authentication, signing electronic documents, password encryption, and cracking and hacking techniques.
Time and Location:   Tuesday, Thursday 2:30-3:45, CASS 301
Office Hours:   TBA
Grading scheme:
Assignments Midterm Examination Projects
35% 30% 35%
Course Resources:
  1. Assignments
  2. Handouts
  3. Tentative Schedule
Important Notices: Please, check course web site periodically for updates. To view ps documents, you can download Aladdin Ghostview or another free viewer. To view PDF documents, you can download Adobe Acrobat Reader from Adobe site. For operating system like Linux, the viewers are included into the distribution (everything is free and very reliable - for pdf files, use gv or acroread, rather than xpdf). On Solaris workstation, you can download the files and view them with acroread (pdf) or ghostview (ps). To view them in your browser, you must enable the plug-in (Edit - Preferences - Navigator - Applications, select Portable Document Format (Postscript Document), Edit, click Application, and choose Acrobat, then click ok, and ok). For any problems concerning the CS495 pages, please contact me.
Note: Second year students and up that are interested in marking, please check with Michelle McKearney They must fill out an application.
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